Engineering Degree Program Purpose

The purpose of Engineering Degree Program first outlined by the Department in September 1962 through SK DIKTI, No.221/DIKTI/Kep/1996, dated July 11, 1996, by the Directorate General of Higher Education Department of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia, is producing the Bachelor of Engineering that :

  1. Have high personalities and integrity as a Bachelor of Engineering
  2. Have the ability of leadership development, and the growth of a sense of professional ethics.
  3. Have the ability to work or continue education to higher education after completing undergraduate education.
  4. Able to deal with new situations in his profession as a Bachelor of Engineering, based on the fundamental principles independently, with confidence and steady judgment.
  5. Had the motivation to follow the development of technology and science in intellectual, social and cultural, as well.
  6. Able to solve the problem by applying the basic principles of technique and analytical thinking in which orderly when formulating problems, planning problems, simplify the problem without losing their properties.

DTAP's Vision & Mission

The Vision of the Department of  Architecture and Planning

  1. Develop excellent research and education remain based on the vision of the Gadjah Mada University.
  2. Responsive to a variety of conditions, issues, and demands of globalization as well as able to compete on a national and international level in the development of science, technology, and the arts to support sustainable

The Mission of the Department of Architecture and Planning

  1. Enhancing the role of the Department of Architecture and Planning on the development of scientific thought, the idea of planning and designing, and insightful technology populist for various layers and multiform society.
  2. Increase the quantity and quality of research and experimentation as the basis for the development of scientific knowledge, in particular at the postgraduate level.
  3. Build a frame of thought and concept/theory that dynamic dotted defends and demands on the issues: globalization, technology and sustainability in architecture/environment that have implications for the development of the academic activities, research and its application on the community.
  4. Develop the Department of Architecture and Planning as an open and reliable institution with human resource development, organization, facilities, and programs by the paradigm of the development of architecture in the future.
  5. Realizing the Department of Architecture and Planning as a center of excellence in academic and professional fields of architecture.
  6. Supported the creation of potential commercial ventures in the sphere of the Faculty by developing a variety of programs of study and cooperation.
  7. Exchange and cooperation with international institutions with Exchange teachers (as a guest) for various activities: guest lectures, seminars, workshops, and research.
  8. Doing joint research together with government services to professional institutions.
  9. Increasing technical skills by providing training such as Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for the public at large as well as cooperation with specific agencies.
  10. Raising communication regularly with alumni to network with alumni development.

Architecture Program Overview

The Purpose of  Architecture Study Program

  1. Mastering science and technology architecture (theory, methods, and techniques).
  2. Have insight into the problems of environment and development in the broad sense.
  3. Have limited ability in supervision/management of construction (construction) of the building and the area.
  4. Able to apply skills in a professional manner in the design of architecture and technology building and the area.
  5. Mastering capabilities expertise to design, analyze, and communicate the synthesis.

The Vision Of Architecture Study Program

Produce graduates who are ready to develop into professional, creative architects, unscrupulous, responsive to the environment, and have the competitiveness at the international level.

The Mission of Architecture Study Program

  1. Organize the learning process based on the Design Studio substantially integrated by other courses.
  2. Organize the learning process that is responsive to the environment and explained relevant themes.
  3. Organize the learning process that facilitates the process of exchange of material and methods in the international sphere.

Urban Planning Program Overview

The Purpose of Urban and Regional Planning Study Program

The aim of the Urban and Regional Planning Study Program is to produce URP graduates who are virtuous and have the ability as spatial planning and researchers in Government, Planning Consultants, Property Developers, and Non-Government Institutions, in order to support the creation of empowering spaces.

The Vision of Urban and Regional Planning Study Program

Becoming the leading of the Urban and Regional Planning Study Program in Asia, focusing on spatial engineering based on community values, togetherness, empowerment, justice, and balance to realize the sustainability and glory of humanity.

The Mission of Urban and Regional Planning Study Program

  1. Carry out education to produce professional and honorable planners.
  2. Carry out scientific development to bridge the gap between theory and practice and vice versa in urban and regional planning.
  3. Contribute actively in the development of human civilization through urban and regional planning.