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In accordance with circulars and directions from universities and faculties regarding the implementation of mixed learning and examination activities in the Even Semester of the 2021/2022 Academic Year, the Bachelor of Architecture Study Program will carry out Mixed Teaching and Learning Activities (KBM) for Studio Courses and Theory Courses starting on March 1, 2022


The following are the rules and regulations for the use of the architectural studio space during mixed lectures period TA 2021/2022


The following are guidelines and health protocol rules for implementing mixed lectures during the pandemic

Final Examination Guidance

Final Semester Examination Info

The Semester Final Examination (UAS) which is scheduled to take place on 13-24 June 2022, God willing, will be carried out offline. Offline UAS will be carried out for all subjects, including the final studio display and the technical implementation of offline exams will be arranged by the Department. This is based on a more controlled pandemic condition and easing policies issued by the government and universities since the last UTS. The complete UAS schedule and Final Examination Guidance can be seen at the following link.

DTAP UAS Genap 2022 complete schedule

Final Examination DTAP 2022

Hybrid exams for students are only given to students who apply for permission on the grounds of being sick or domiciled outside DIY-CENTRAL JAVA and are still not permitted by their parents. Meanwhile, students who are healthy and domiciled in the DIY-CENTRAL region are required to take the exam offline. Permission must be submitted via the following google form by sending a letter of application for permission and accompanied by a doctor's certificate (for those who are sick) or a letter from parents and proof of domicile (for those who do not get permission from their parents) no later than Thursday 26 May 2022. Permits can be submitted via the following form

Please prepare for UAS. Greetings always healthy and keep working. Thank you


Pengajaran DTAP

Question & Answer!

#1 Question: If I get an offline studio schedule but my Studio's Lecturer is still online, do I have to go to campus?

For MK Studio, offline activities are not just for assistance, but aim to restore the experience and atmosphere of the studio intact (study with other friends, discussion with other friends, see what other friends are doing). So that if there are no obstacles, it is mandatory to go to campus, of course, by continuing to carry out prokes. If they are sick or feel they will be sick, students are advised not to come to campus.

#2 Question: If I can't attend offline at the scheduled time because I have to quarantine first after traveling out of town/sickness/other things that can't be avoided, do I need to make a written permission or can I just contact the course lecturer?

Permission for not being able to attend offline or not participating in lecture activities is generally carried out by making a written permission explaining the reason for the permit and the time (duration) of the permit. Attach a doctor's certificate and the like if any. Convey the permission letter to the teaching and to the studio supervisor