A Glimpse of DTAP

The Department of Architecture and Planning (Departemen Teknik Arsitektur dan Perencanaan/ DTAP) began with the opening of the Architectural Engineering section of the Faculty of Engineering in 1962, the opening of the Architectural Engineering section was inseparable from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) assistance to the Faculty of Engineering in 1957 to 1964.

To support teaching and learning activities, since the 1970s the Architecture section has two activities namely the Design Center and the Research Center. The activities in this forum have the nature of togetherness in the sense of demanding collaboration between fields of science to obtain the desired results so that these activities have been carried out in the form of a team/group. This encourages the desires of members and prospective members of both institutions for further study in various fields of related science to be able to complement each other.

Short History of DTAP

When it was formed, it consisted of only one study program, the Architecture Undergraduate Program, but the Department of Architecture and Planning (DTAP) continued to develop so that there were 5 study programs up to 2003. The other four study programs are Master Program in Architecture (1991), Master Program in Urban and Regional Planning (1994), Doctoral Program in Architecture (1999) and Undergraduate Program in Urban and Regional Planning (2003).

As part of the 'old face' of the Faculty of Engineering, DTAP has experienced many dynamic developments since its established, making it now has eight study programs from both the realm of architecture and urban regional planning. In terms of the teaching curriculum offered has also been improvised over time.


The Vision of the Department of  Architecture and Planning

  1. Develop excellent research and education remain based on the vision of the Gadjah Mada University.
  2. Responsive to a variety of conditions, issues, and demands of globalization as well as able to compete on a national and international level in the development of science, technology, and the arts to support sustainable


The Mission of the Department of Architecture and Planning

  1. Enhancing the role of the Department of Architecture and Planning on the development of scientific thought, the idea of planning and designing, and insightful technology populist for various layers and multiform society.
  2. Increase the quantity and quality of research and experimentation as the basis for the development of scientific knowledge, in particular at the postgraduate level.
  3. Build a frame of thought and concept/theory that dynamic dotted defends and demands on the issues: globalization, technology and sustainability in architecture/environment that have implications for the development of the academic activities, research and its application on the community.

Program Study Offered

Department of Architecture and Planning, Gadjah Mada University up to now consists of 9 study programs, there are :

  1. Architecture Undergraduate Program (S1)
  2. Architecture Professional Program (PPAr) 
  3. Architecture Master Program (S2)
  4. Architecture Doctoral Program (S3)
  5. Urban and Regional Planning Undergraduate Program (S1)
  6. Urban and Regional Planning International Undergraduate Program (IUP)
  7. Urban and Regional Planning Master Program (S2)
  8. Urban and Regional Planning Doctoral Program (S3)
  9. Master Urban Planning (MRK)


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