HMTPWK Pramukya Arcapada

HMTPWK UGM - The UGM Urban and Regional Planning (URP) Student Association was born from a struggle based on the initiation of UGM Urban and Regional Planning students in 2003. Initially, the PWK Study Program incorporated in the Department of Architecture and Planning had a joint students association named KMAP Whismakarman who were jointly administered together by Urban and Regional Planning and Architecture Study Program Students of UGM.

As time has been going on since 2003, UGM URP students are increasing from year to year, so that in 2008 the desire to have their own students associaton that can be grounded in the principles of URP needed to be realized.

In early 2009, by seeing the urgent need for the URP association to channel their interests and aspirations about URP, as well as being intentional with a straight and clean intention, the desire of URP students to have a set that itself received positive appreciation from the department through real attitude by PPJ 3 in the field of student affairs and alumni of JUTAP UGM, Head of Study of Program URP UGM, and Head of Study Program of Department of Architecture and Planning Engineering.

Since then, intensive coordination meetings have often been held by URP students in 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2008. The coordination meeting was intended to welcome large meetings attended by URP and Architecture Students who were at the same time supported by lecturers to determine the wishes of URP students who want to have their own set. The proposal for the formation of the adhoc team was conceived by Pak Sudaryono (Head of Prodi URP) who said he was the elder brother who was concerned about the sustainability of student activities at JUTAP UGM (currently DTAP).

The results of the adhoc committee meeting decided that the desire of URP students to have their own set was passed, since then indirectly ended the generation of KMAP Whismakarman and became KMTA Whismakarman. After an encouraging decision from the adhoc team, a preparatory team for the URP association was formed immediately. This team succeeded in forming a rough draft of the statutes and bylaws of the URP association. This team also functions to realize the first congress of the URP association, which means the realization of the URP Students Association which is self-sovereign.

On April 26, 2009, Saturday, around 9 am, the Congress of the formation of the PWK student association began. The congress itself was attended by 30 mandatory participants consisting of students from 2006, 2007 and 2008 and around 8 guests from 2003 to 2005. The Congress itself was quite tough, until it could only be completed on the 4th day of the congress on May 2, 2009. This congress produced the AD / ART of the Regional and Urban Planning Engineering Student Association (HMTPWK), Gadjah Mada University.

On May 2, 2009, this HMTPWK UGM was officially formed. After having an official name, on 18 August the HMTPWK logo with a brown base color and the shape of ‘pewayangan’ or a shadow puppet which has a meaning as a beginning in the world was introduced to the members of the Urban and Regional Planning of UGM Study Program.