KMTA Wiswakharman

"Cities without old buildings are like humans without memory." Like an organization, KMTA Wiswakharman used to have a long history, where history is a noble idea and not an arrogance to show existence.

Starting from the same fate that eventually gave birth to togetherness. That is the root of the formation of the Architecture Study Program Students Association of Universitas Gadjah Mada. The high price of paper seems to have pushed a small group of UGM Architecture students to form a forum for activities that are expected to help solve the welfare problems of the student being faced. Whereas at that time there was only KODEMA as the only student body in the Faculty of Engineering, while at the department or department level it did not yet exist, and because of the demands for providing student welfare, especially the provision of assignment materials not felt by KODEMA in the faculty, the desire to form the Architecture Student Association was sparked.

Starting from a meeting of a small group of UGM architecture students (including Abdul Halim, W. Wierdan, Arya Ronald, Ra. Wondoamiseno, JF Sunandar, Suryantoro and several other colleagues) held in several places including Sekip, Unit IV, Faculty of Engineering, Sagan (Suryantoro's house) pioneered the formation of the UGM Architecture Engineering Student Association, which was then officially established on May 2, 1963 under the name "Wiswakharman" Architecture Student Association.

The name Wiswakharman was given by Ir. Sampurno Samingoen and also on the advice of Prof. Romandt, taken from the name of the architect of the Prambanan Temple. Wiswakharman himself in the Hindu belief is the name of a bagawan or pandita who resides in the heart of the heart that inspires Undagi (the builder) to think about how to create the best building. Wiswakharman is the architectural deity of the universe that inspired Hindu leaders in the history of the growth of Hindu building art.

In 1963 the management of the 1st Architecture Student Association was formed with chairman M. Wierdan, deputy chairman Abdul Halim, secretary Abdul Latief, Arya Ronald's teaching section with other sections. One of the prominent activities at the time was an exhibition that introduced the world of architecture to the community.

In 2003 KMTA changed to KMAP Wiswaharman since the PWK (Urban Area Planning) study program joined the extended family of the Department of Architecture and Planning (JUTAP). We try to maintain a family that has been sharing grief for so long. But in 2009 there was controversy within the family. So finally because of our inability and our behavior, architecture students were not satisfactory, the PWK decided to separate themselves. So in June 2009 came the HMT-PWK and KMTA Wiswakharman. Our reason for continuing to use the family name is because we want to preserve the family values ​​that have been built by our predecessors. Because even though we separated, we are still one family.

With the vision of KMTA ‘as a collaborative home for benefit-oriented collaboration’, this is the value held by KMTA Wiswakharman.

-because we are family-


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